My New Mission…

ProofAs I’ve written before, I resigned from my teaching position at the end of the last school year. Since then, I’ve applied and interviewed for a variety of jobs, but have not had much success securing something full time. I promised myself that I would not settle for anything I didn’t feel was a good fit for me, and the person I aspire to be. I want to be happy, be fulfilled, and know that I’m making a difference in the world at least a little bit each day. I have faith that God will lead me where He wants me to be and allow me to do what He wills for me to do.

Several months ago, I was searching on line for some at-home business opportunities, just to see what was out there. I came across companies like Thirty-one, Pampered Chef, Avon, Tastefully Simple (my cousin Sherry McKnight dominates in that one!), Origami Owl, and the likes. Then I found something called “Damsel in Defense,” a company founded by two women named Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes. It was different! They had products like stun guns, pepper sprays, and striking sticks. Their products don’t make women feel more beautiful, appear sexier, be more organized, or become amazing cooks. Instead, they sell things that can save their lives. And the lives of everyone they love and want to protect.

So I thought about this and I emailed a woman in Muncie who was calling herself a “Damsel Pro.” She was really nice and explained the business to me, directing me to the company’s website where I learned more. But as time passed, I put the idea in the back of my mind and moved on. Still, this lady sent me an email once in awhile to let me know about upcoming specials and new products. That was fine.

In August, Karl and I traveled to Georgia to visit some good friends we had not seen in quite a long time. It was a short trip, but I knew we’d be driving through Kentucky and Ohio, so we made it a point to visit a couple of places I’d wanted to see for research reasons. (Yes, I am still writing my sequel to “The Secrets of Heavenly.”) One stop was in Ripley, Ohio to see where John Rankin and John Parker helped hundreds of enslaved people to freedom after crossing over from the slavery state of Kentucky. (I’m going to post lots of pictures and information about that later, probably on my HeavenlyPlantation website for anyone interested in this amazing history!)

How does any of this tie into what I’ve been writing about?

Well, the other stop we made in Ohio was to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. Researching the Underground Railroad for my new book, I hoped to uncover more facts about it there, but it turned out that my eyes were opened to something else! There was an entire floor devoted to “modern day slavery” and it was enlightening, shocking, and downright disturbing. Dozens of displays told the stories of people all over the globe in abusive situations including “forced labor, bonded indenture, child slavery, sex trafficking and domestic servitude”. The most sickening part is that there were stories of people enslaved within our own American borders. Another horrific realization was that so many of the people who go missing in our country, especially women and young children, end up in the sex-trafficking trade!


Collage of my pictures from the National Underground RR Freedom Museum’s “Modern Slavery” Exhibit 

As I kept thinking about all the dangers that exist in the world, I wondered what I could do as one person to help. Can I really make a difference and impact lives in the positive way I want to? My mind kept going back to that “Damsel in Defense” (DID) company and I went back to their website. I watched a video of co-founders Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes as they talked about their “mission.” I discovered that they were also concerned about the issue of human trafficking,  so much that in 2013 they traveled to the Philippines with Wipe Every Tear, which is a charity devoted to raising awareness about it. In a video posted on the website (, they claimed that it has been a directive from God. Awesome!

They are committed to making the company more than a business that sells products, but an opportunity to give back to women and children in abusive, destructive situations.

The company supports several initiatives and organizations, such as the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN), and Destiny Rescue in Thailand, a home for women rescued from sex trafficking.


Once more emailed the nice lady I’d contacted before about Damsel. Here’s what I said:

I’ve watched the DID founders’ awesome videos about the mission work behind the company. SO impressive. Just went to the Freedom Center in Cincy last week and saw an eye-opening exhibit on modern day slavery. Powerful stuff! Anyhow, I haven’t really tried to do a business like this before, so I’m not sure how I’d do. But the focus of DID is so incredible! Maybe it’s time.

And she (Bria Zolman) wrote back:

I love hearing how drawn your heart is to our mission.  I can promise you, if you decided to join our company, you would be in good company…

…I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.  If you’re like many of the rest of us, Damsel will continue to seep into your heart and mind until you take the plunge.  I resisted for quite a while, because I didn’t like the idea of direct sales.  Our mission is strong and so very, very important.  I’m very proud to do the work I do!

So there it was! I procrastinated a while longer, but finally joined the “mission” on September 29. Right now I’m learning about the products, reading more about the company, and praying that God will use me to touch some lives very soon. Please check out the video I’ve linked above, as well as the links below. I’ll be writing more about this as I share more of my personal “WHY” about starting this new business.

Thanks for reading and stay SAFE!

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Vinegar no more…Forever!

What kind of an idiot begins removing wallpaper border from her kids’ old bathroom at noon on a Wednesday? Wallpaper that has been happily adhered for over 15 years and is content to stay there, mind you. Me. The idiot who put it up and never bothered to update long after borders were no longer in style. The same idiot who also thought it would be cool to paint the rest of said bathroom powder blue and then sponge over it in gold and pearl glaze. I guess it was cute when our now-grown girls were 7 and 13. (Looks downright garish now, if I’m being honest.)


Don’t scoff at my popcorn ceiling. You know you want one!

I can almost hear the moon and stars on the ancient border saying, “Lady, what the hell are you doing? Midlife crisis? Empty nester breakdown? We love it here and we aren’t going anywhere!”

What kind of an idiot, while wiping down the dusty bathroom wall, runs her hand violently over an unseen nail, gashes into her flesh, and keeps on dusting until the wound begins to drip on the wall? Again, that would be me, the wallpaper queen. Only then did I go fetch a washcloth to contain the flow so I could continue my labor of (mmmm?) love.

Should probably get some stitches at the local quicky-med, but no. I have too much work ahead of me. So, what do I do? I take a break to check my source for everything -Pinterest- to see if there might be an easier way to remove this wallpaper other than a warm sponge and paint scraper. Or dynamite.

Then I find the answer. Vinegar! Spray it with vinegar! Pinterest is so smart. Now we’re talkin’! It shouldn’t take me long  now.

I can’t find an empty spray bottle so I dump out a perfectly good half bottle of Windex, fill it with the magic vinegar, and I begin to spray that stupid border. While the vinegar soaks in I can blog (because I’m so eager to share my insanity). I have my priorities. My lacerated hand is bound up with something I found in my first aid basket and suddenly I’m thanking myself for cleaning out that mess of a linen closet last month. Awesome! I’ll keep typing until my bandage soaks through and I’m bleeding on my Mac. Reminds me of this Ernest Hemingway quote, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”


One very huge mess! Isn’t this stuff supposed to peel off in one long sheet?                        Hmmm? Maybe 14 years ago…My bad!

Three and a half hours later…it is finished. Is this how it felt when the Berlin Wall finally fell? Or when Rome was built after more than a day? I’m almost certain.

Three hours! Thanks Pinterest. Thanks vinegar. That blankety-blank border was stuck on tight. What fabulous wallpaper paste. I’d highly recommend it if I remembered what brand it was and if wallpaper was something that anyone in their right mind would even think about doing these days. Seriously, I had to use some muscle to scrape it off. Tenacious. After cleaning up the resulting mess shown above, I smell like I’ve wrestled a Grizzly! It was hot in that windowless bathroom with the register closed so I didn’t drop wallpaper gunk into it.

What’s worse, you might ask? The smell of vinegar will likely never leave my nostrils. I will never be able to enjoy a salad with any kind of vinaigrette dressing again. Vinegar slaw? Forget about it! Cucumbers, onions, and vinegar? Nope! Fish and chips and vinegar? Besides hating fish…oh heck no!

But I did it. I conquered about 12 feet of 15-year old wallpaper border, grateful that I didn’t paper around the entire bathroom. Doesn’t sound like much, but to me it’s monumental. Since I resigned from my teaching position back in May, I’ve been at home trying to make positive changes and do things I never had time to do before. It’s been a blessing (although not having a paycheck is a downside). As I’ve mentioned before, I know that God will put me someplace where He needs me, in His own time. Until then, I am keeping busy with ugly wallpaper removal, closet cleaning, and even writing sometimes.

Oh, and my injury? Finally stopped bleeding, so I think I’ll live. Wanna see the picture? Probably not. I’ll keep that one to myself, along with a jazzy scar to remind me that home decorating can be hazardous.

Good things to you and yours…and be careful if you do any DIY projects.


The smell of vinegar will likely never leave my nostrils. I will never be able to enjoy a salad with any kind of vinaigrette dressing again.

On My Soapbox Kind of Blog Post


In my antique boots, standing on my antique soapbox…

A while back, someone left an unflattering kind of review on Amazon for my historical novel, “The Secrets of Heavenly.”  The writer implied that it was written about a subject (American slavery) on which there was already too much written. What? As if there could ever be too much truth, should we ever stop thinking about such a horrific topic in history? I don’t think so!
I’d just like to address the relevance of not only my book, but also other works-mainly film and television productions-that have recently made their way in front of the public. See if you agree that it is important to recall the past…

Free State of Jones

Okay, my husband and I went to the movies over the weekend to see this new Matthew McConaughey movie. We both wanted to see the film, but I was especially interested since my own novel was set in a similar time period. “Free State” took place primarily in Jones County, Mississippi during and after the Civil War whereas “Secrets” is based in coastal South Carolina up to the decade before the war. However, both deal with the injustice of slavery and inequality in America and the bleak period that plagued our nation–the nation supposedly founded on freedom and escape from tyranny.

In the film, McConaughey’s character Newton Knight was a Confederate medic who witnessed scores of soldiers die in a war that he saw as nothing more than the wealthy protecting their right to keep slaves and further their cotton empires. Most of the soldiers were poor farmers who had no slaves, but seemed to be brainwashed into thinking they were defending the very honor of the South. In reality they were only preserving the cushy Southern way of life enjoyed by the elites in power.

Newton Knight was a farmer himself, but after deserting the Army, he became a wanted man and was forced into hiding. He found refuge in the Mississippi swamps among runaway slaves with whom he developed close friendships. Ultimately he banded with them and a group of other deserters and farmers (including women and children!) to  stand up to the corrupt Confederates and proclaim freedom. Opening June 24, “Free State of Jones” has grossed over $16 million. While it’s not breaking any box office records, it’s still a powerful and well-acted movie that is based on a true story. It’s the kind of movie that helps you remember why it’s just pure evil to hate people because of skin color or income level. Although our country has the ugliness of slavery in its past, this movie made me proud to be an American because of people like Newton Knight!

12 Years a Slave and Lincoln

Back in October of 2013, the movie “12 Years a Slave” was released. It earned over $181 million in box office revenue. This story of Solomon Northup, free-born black man kidnapped and sold into slavery, went on to win an Oscar for 2013’s Best Picture. Before that, in November of 2012, the movie “Lincoln” chronicled the last months of that president’s life and his push not only to end the Civil War, but also to pass the 13th Amendment and abolish slavery. That film has made nearly $274 million dollars. So…are Americans still interested in this period of history? I’d say we are! 


This spring, the WGN America network introduced us to “Underground,” its mini-series that blossomed into renewal for a second season in 2017. 3.5 million viewers watched the premiere episode and remained loyal throughout the rest of the series. It is a fictional account of slaves escaping from a plantation in Georgia to make a 600-mile trek to freedom in the North. Personally, I can attest to staying up way past my bedtime to watch it at 10 PM (instead of DVR’ing it) just so I could stay up even later to live Tweet with the cast! Oh, yeah! It was the closest I’ve ever come to being involved with a story that had so many parallels to my own book. To the credit of co-creators Misha Green and Joe Pokaski, “Underground” drew WGN America’s biggest audience since 1998 when it televised a particular history-making Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals game. Do you remember when Mark McGwire hit his record-breaking 62nd home run of the season? Yep, it was that game!


And then there’s “Roots.” When the iconical television version of Alex Haley’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel aired in 1977, not even ABC’s network chief Fred Silverman expected anyone to pay much attention to it. He was dead wrong! Over 28 million people tuned in that first night. Over half of all American households tuned in to watch it at some point of its airing and it broke so many television records that Hollywood heads spun for ages! Something like 100 million people watched the last episode.

Yesterday I linked to an article about A&E Network’s recent remake of “Roots” because it discussed the changes that were to make the movie more relatable to a modern audience some 40 years later. ‘Roots’ Reborn: How a Slave Saga Was Remade for the Black Lives Matter Era The first episode aired May 30 on History, A&E, and Lifetime television channels, but the timing was unfortunate due to the popularity of the NBA Finals running at the same time, ironically on ABC Television. “Roots 2016” averaged 19.2 million viewers during its four nights, nothing like the numbers attracted to the original. Hopefully people DVR’d it and will continue to watch it online because the message of the story is simply too powerful to ever be forgotten.

The newer version of “Roots” was more graphic and emotionally devastating than the first and in my opinion, that’s what the public needs to see. We need to. Although as a nation we can never be proud of that part of our collective heritage, we have to face up to the fact that it did happen. It still impacts us today as we constantly see human rights trampled and violated. We must make sure that history never repeats itself. If we keep the truth close to our hearts and out in front of our eyes, we can do that!

In an article in the June 3 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, one of the directors for the remake of “Roots”, Thomas Carter said, “Many black people don’t know the details of some of this history because we don’t teach it in general. We know that there was slavery, but the particulars of the brutality of American slavery — the destruction of family, the dehumanization, things that have continued to affect us — we just don’t even talk about it.”

So, do we need to continue revisiting the topic of slavery in books, movies, and television? Well now, is there true social equality in our society? As long as the answer to my second question is NO, then the answer to my first is a resounding YES. For myself, I will continue working on my second novel about the characters from Heavenly Plantation, incorporating the truth as I uncover it in my research. Injustice and inequality will always exist in our world and it’s up to us as a society to make sure we acknowledge all the damage done throughout history and stop it from spreading into the future.

Okay. Jumping off the old soapbox now…

Underground, 2016 Sony Pictures Television, WGN America

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‘Roots’ Reborn: How a Slave Saga Was Remade for the Black Lives Matter Era

Forty years after the original gripped half the nation (literally), a more violent and more accurate remake is here, gambling on big stars including Forest Whitaker and Anna Paquin and the unresolved emotional core of America’s toughest conversation: “He was calling me a n—er, but at the end of the scene he was in tears.”

Source: ‘Roots’ Reborn: How a Slave Saga Was Remade for the Black Lives Matter Era

“I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.” – Vox

Interesting article as we get ready to celebrate our country’s freedom here in the United States…

“I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.”

Source: I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery. – Vox

Rollercoaster Nana

rollercoaster-2-1533883-1280x960When our two little girls were finished with milestone firsts…a new daycare, preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college…I thought I’d be done. A mother cries every single time there is a first. It’s an emotional rollercoaster we all ride and when they grow into adults, the safety bar should unlatch so we can exit to the left and walk off unscathed. But that’s not how it actually happens.

You have a grandchild. And the ride starts up again although you are now not the only mother on the journey. You have a daughter or a daughter-in-law who gets the seat next to you. Together-there is strength in the pairing-you face the firsts. With tears because that kiddo is growing too fast. With joy and elation because that little copy of your family is becoming what God wanted him to be.

Sometimes you even take a special guest on the ride. Today is grandson Luke’s last day with his first babysitter, Dena, our fabulous next door neighbor of 15 years. Luke’s been in her care for over two and a half years while his mom Kayla (our daughter) works. She is a nurse which means long hours three days a week. Dena loves Luke like another Nana and he loves her in return. He loves her entire family and they give him a second home. That is something special, something that has given our family peace of mind and comfort since day one. We’ve never had to worry about Luke and that is a priceless gift!

Luke will begin a new chapter in his young life on Monday when he goes to a special school that will help him with some developmental challenges he’s faced, mostly with speech and some sensory issues. He will receive special therapy daily to help him thrive. He is a bright, loving child, but he gets frustrated easily when he has difficulty communicating. Although I realize that he needs some specific intervention, it’s tough to “let him go” into the hands of therapists who are virtual strangers. What’s been safe and comforting-knowing that Dena is loving him like her own as she cares for him-is ending. It’s that moment when the coaster reaches the apex and then drops. My heart goes into my throat and I have to hold on so tight that I can no longer feel my fingers gripping the safety bar.

I can imagine that every new first for Luke will bring up the same feelings I had when his mommy had similar experiences. When he finishes his program at this new school, there will likely be another change equally frightening for me as his nana. Then there’s kindergarten and middle school, high school and college. A lifetime of milestone birthdays, a wedding perhaps. Great-grandchildren.

No, the cycle doesn’t end when your children grow into adults. The emotional rollercoaster continues into grandparenthood and beyond. But at least when you get to be a ripe, old age, it must be comforting that the ride is also filled with so many people you love. People taking the same terrifying, but essential journey through this life.




One man was disgusted when he witnessed two men kissing in public. He decided to relieve his anger on an entire group of innocent people . Shameless sinners, he must have justified to himself, partying in a club that catered to their type. By murdering 50 people (and seriously injuring 53 others), this man must have certainly cured the world of gay. So…who’s next? Mexican-Americans? Interracial couples? People with diabetes? Women who have red hair?

What kind of world is this where people think they have the right to not only judge others, but to try them in their own unholy court of moral law? Lives were taken, deemed unworthy due to a difference in lifestyle. Families were destroyed, friendships were shattered, and the loves of people’s lives were simply obliterated because of this.

The Bible condemns homosexuality, yet it tells us not to judge others. Jesus not only tells us to love, but He compels us to love without conditions. He didn’t tell us to hate those with whom we don’t agree. He did not tell us to eliminate people of different religious views, colors, sexual orientations, medical conditions, hair colors.

Does the Koran condemn homosexuality? I cannot answer that. Was Omar Mateen acting as a Muslim?  I don’t know. He did associate himself with ISIS, but ISIS is not Islam. To say that he acted as a Muslim is to say that all German Christians were Nazis. Or all American Christians are Ku Klux Klan affiliates. Both Nazis and Klansmen justify their bias on what they considered imperfect according to their religion, which is totally off base and ludicrous. The insanity of a few.  To quote a very famous Taylor Swift song, “haters gonna hate.” It’s just the way it is. I guess we have to stop pointing fingers and realize that there will always be evil in our world. And we must accept that evil for evil and stop trying to package it in a religion.

I’ve known many gay and lesbian people as both friends and relatives. I’ve loved them the same as anyone else. What they do in their lives is not mine to judge, nor is my life theirs to scrutinize. We have to embrace our differences and keep in mind that we are all the same on the inside. We all have blood and bone and heart and soul, regardless of anything else. We all require oxygen. And love. No one has a right to deprive anyone else of that gift.

My heartfelt prayers go out to the families and loved ones of all the Orlando massacre victims. I pray for complete healing, both physical and emotional for those injured survivors of this senseless attack. To the family of Omar Mateen, may the world not judge you for the actions of your kin. Peace be upon us all.

Leaps of faith are just that…


I seriously believe that I have had a hyperactivity issue my entire life, but it’s not really a bad thing. It just means that my mind works quickly and it forces me to keep working to stay happy. With work, I am psyched to have multiple projects going and different creative challenges to tackle. God blessed me with this sense of perpetual motion, I suppose. I can even watch tv and read and think and worry at the same time. Perfectly normal, right?

Several years back, I became interested in teaching after working in business most of my adult life. I continued to work, but threw myself into an 18 month graduate program to become a certified English teacher. With dreams of changing the world by inspiring the young to love reading, writing, and communication, I quickly discovered that teaching is overly romanticized in the movies!

For the next six years I facilitated training for adults, which was a wonderful experience and I loved it. The only drawback was that it was really limited. It was the same dozen or so courses in rotation. Every single day. Three times a day. Maybe public education wasn’t so bad after all, I thought. So back I went, teaching high school English for two years before remembering that teaching really, really is overly romanticized in the movies.  Thank you, Hillary Swank, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Morgan Freeman for portraying those indomitable teachers we mortals (okay, maybe just me) can never aspire to become.

So, what about my “leap of faith” title? Well, I resigned my teaching position. I am now unemployed. I’ve never done this before, at least not without having another job waiting. Because as you know, I can’t stay still for long. Indeed this was a leap of faith. I never considered how scary a statement that makes. Until now. Leap. As in stepping blindly off a cliff. As in jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. As in what-the-heck-have-I-done now? Yeah, that’s about right.

Okay then, for those of you about to do something that involves taking a leap of faith, make sure you consider that a leap is just that. It is not sticking your toe gently into a cold puddle, nor is it taking a swift dip and then you’re out. You must dive all the way in and commit to it. Faith. Knowing that no matter what, God is there on the other side and He has probably been waiting a long time for you to sprout those wings and move in His direction.  Alright then. God, where do you want me next? I’m ready to jump right in and change the world.


photo credit: Leaping Legends via photopin (license)
photo credit: Yes I Can via photopin (license)

Momma…Out! (I hope not.)

On Tuesday May 10, my “baby” will graduate from college with a BS in Nursing. Our second daughter to earn this degree, she will embark on a career in the noble profession of caring for others. Proud? That word doesn’t have enough syllables to embrace the feelings that well up in my heart for these girls of ours. Both worked so hard for their degrees, having jobs and working nearly full-time while they were in college. They studied constantly and socialized little. They understood what was important and with dedication they fueled the vehicle of success to get there. Proud? Heck yes!


Sisters / Nurses, Abbey and Kayla Robison

But Tuesday is about little Abbey Noelle, who seemed to grow up on autopilot as the second child in the family. Milestones were not as celebrated because they were already pronounced miracles when our first child accomplished them. Kayla Janelle is six years older and by the time Abbey arrived, we were probably a little tired. It was never a reflection of her not being fabulous in her own right, because she was. She is.

It was only that proverbial yesterday when Abbey graduated from kindergarten-a quirky little girl dressed in a white cap and gown, so sweet and shy. Then fast-forward to high school graduation- a beauty in baby blue, an honors medal, and confidence that comes from knowing where you’re headed in life. Of course I always cried, feeling like I lost a small piece of myself as my baby seemed a little less dependent on me each time. What will Tuesday be like? Mmmm…same.

Being a Mom is an exhausting emotional ride, but it’s an important ride that is SO worth it!  Moms are on a constant and consuming journey with those tiny creatures we birth. From diapers to dating. From babyfood to braces. From car seats to carpooling. From Sesame Street to soccer practice. There is hardly time for reflection as it happens because… It . Just. Happens. Days run together and years melt away. We face challenges and we champion like cheerleaders and we make everything better with kisses.  We dream with them, live through them, hope for them. We worry about them in unexplainable ways. When life gets tough for them, we are heartbroken (maybe even more than they are). We cry until we can’t see straight when our babies are hurting. But the joy we feel when they are happy is incredible and pure. They complete us in ways we cannot begin to understand.

And then they leave us. They get lives.

So, after my last child walks across the stage to graduate from college, is my job as a Mom all over? Right this moment I feel like it might be and it makes me sad. After all, my girls no longer need to be told what to do or how to behave. They no longer need my chauffeur services, my cooking, or even my money. Strangely, I feel a bit empty. Do I simply drop the mic, as they say? Momma Out!  Oh, I hope not! I hope not. 🙂

NEW Favorite Show on Television!

Researching the UGRR (Underground Railroad) for my next book, the sequel to “The Secrets of Heavenly”. This incredible series could not have come at a better time. Dramatic, emotional, REAL!

Watch Exclusive Online Previews, Stills, Images from Salem, Outsiders, Underground and other top TV Series

Source: WGN America